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How to select hardwood flooring

Flooring is a significant expenditure in your home. Wood floors are an investment because of the ROI, which you'll see in your property value and the selling price. However, keep in mind that all hardwood isn't the same; it's not just a matter of selecting the preferred color. Network Interiors put together this buying guide to help you choose the right one for your style and needs.

Which type do you want?

These floors come in two versions: solid, which is one thickness throughout, and engineered wood flooring, which is layered. While both add the same richness and charm to a home, with gorgeous undertones, knots, and swirls, the layered construction of engineered makes it more stable and better able to handle water. This product has a top layer, which is your specie-of-choice and, underneath, are three or more layers of genuine wood combined with a little resin and placed in a crosswise position. As a result, no acclimation is necessary, and it can be installed in some areas where solid cannot.

Consider thickness

This is vital to both solid and engineered versions because it determines how many times the floor can be sanded. Ideal for solid is ¾ inch, and it can be sanded up to six times, while engineered has a range extending from ⅜-inch to ½-inch. Depending on those numbers, engineered can be sanded up to five times. Both versions last for decades, reducing and eliminating replacement costs.


There are both domestics harvested in North America and exotics, which are harvested outside of the country. Domestics tend to be warmer and more traditional, while exotics are dark, dramatic, and, some say, more contemporary. Exotics are ultra-hard, while hickory is considered the hardest domestic.

Decide if you like many knots, grains, and swirls or if you prefer something more subtle. There are many species from which to choose, so you're sure to find something to suit your taste. While you certainly aren't limited to them, right now, the most popular ones are oak, maple, walnut, cherry, and hickory.

Do you want factory-finished or on-site?

The finish is the top coating that protects the floor. Some prefer factory-finished because they know right away what they are getting, with samples in hand. Others prefer on-site because they can better control shine and sheen. Many say the installation is just as important as the actual product. To learn about our quality hardwood flooring installations, visit the Network Interiors showroom in Glenwood Springs, CO., especially if you live in or near Glenwood Springs, CO, New Castle, CO, Carbondale, CO, Gypsum, CO, Eagle, CO, Aspen, CO, Snowmass, CO, Avon, CO, Vail, CO || Basalt, CO. You’ll walk out with knowledge, inspiration and a free quote on hardwood flooring.