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Countertops: a vital design element

No longer just a feature to catch splashes and splatters and make cleaning easier, kitchen countertops are now essential design tools with personalities. They can make a room quiet and serene or bold and vibrant to coordinate with cabinets, backsplashes, and appliances. While stone, especially quartz and granite, are popular design options, people still gravitate toward other stones, ceramic tiles, laminate, solid surfacing, and wood.

Quartz countertops: an abundance of design options

Quartz is a natural mineral, available in speckled colors from amethyst to rose to onyx and more. When it is a countertop, it is engineered with a composition including quartz dust and a small resin amount. These countertops are called quartzite making them more durable, heat-resistant, scratch-and-stain-resistant, and non-porous. Because it is so non-porous, a quartzite countertop is easier to clean and won't hold onto bacteria, making food preparation more sanitary and safer.

They also offer more design options in the way of edging possibilities. The standard countertop edge typically uses screws. However, quartzite countertops are more flexible in that they use epoxy to give edge variations that include a full or partial bullnose or even a chiseled appearance.

Granite: luxury, elegance, opulence

Granite is light-colored, with large, dark visible grains. Depending on the mineral composition, it can be red, pink, gray, or white on the dark background. It comes right from the quarry, and then it is cut, polished, and fabricated into countertops, with each granite slab being different in mineral pattern and color. You'll never see your countertop in anyone else's home.

Granite countertops have a shiny, brilliant quality and are highly durable and resistant to chipping and scratching. Granite is referred to as the "hardest rock." It's also affordable, adds value to your kitchen or bath, and is heat resistant; a hot pot or pan can be placed directly on the countertop with no melting or blistering. Once it is sealed, it's impossible to absorb bacteria.

Other stones used for countertops include soapstone, marble, slate, onyx, limestone and travertine. At Network Interiors we have a large stone inventory with an in-house fabricator and over 25 years of experience. Come into our showroom in Glenwood Springs, CO for knowledge, inspiration and your free countertop quote. We work with homeowners in and around Glenwood Springs, CO, New Castle, CO, Carbondale, CO, Gypsum, CO, Eagle, CO, Aspen, CO, Snowmass, CO, Avon, CO, Vail, CO && Basalt, CO.

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